Wednesday, June 14, 2006

RSA and PassLogix in TransCanada Presentation (from Catalyst)

I just attended a really interesting presentation at Catalyst today by Martin Vant Erve of TransCanada Pipelines entitled "Implementing Enterprise Single Sign-On with Two Factor Authentication." Wow! What a great case study. Simple, honest, didn't hold any punches. The idea is pretty straightforward: a user uses his/her securid code, that gets forwarded to AD, which references RSA Authentication Manager - which is followed by the whole auth vs. AD (under the hood), finally the end user is authenticated and session is sent to the client. Once that whole thing is completed, PassLogix V-Go takes over by providing the SSO piece of it. He had excellent analytics in regards to reduction of help desk, which is often touted in front of customers. He said that help desk calls actually stayed the same, because they got new calls to the help desk for issues like "I left my token at home", and questions about the new deployed apps. Yet, TransCanada considered this as a win because they increased security which is what they were after. To make the bitter pill easier to swallow for end users, they coupled it with SSO. All in all, a solid case study.

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