Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Identity Management Services Company Acquisition

I posted a few probing questions a while back regarding the Identity Management services market. Today, I read an interesting press release with the heading :

"Novacoast Announces Acquisition of eNvision Data Solutions, LLC"

Some excerpts below:

Novacoast, Inc., an IT professional services firm announces the acquisition of eNvision Data Solutions, LLC. eNvision, a systems integrator in Philadelphia, has served Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 2001. eNvision's core competence is in identity management, Linux, and Open Enterprise Server...

Paul Anderson, President and CEO of Novacoast said, "Our attention is constantly focused on acquiring the best engineering skill sets and delivering those skills to the market. Our acquisition of eNvision gives us top engineering skills in identity management and Linux.

So, this is some pretty interesting stuff. You don't hear of Identity Management professional services companies acquisitions every day. We've become accustomed to hearing about product companies getting acquired (there was another one by the way...Entrust announced its picking up Business Signatures on the 19th of this month) - but services companies haven't been having the same excitement. A few more of these, and things might start getting exciting. (At least for us!)

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