Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Worst IdM Product Review Article. Ever.

A product review the product. Talk about the features, where it shines, where it doesn't, etc. This one in specific is just really, really bad. (I'm not saying anything against the product, just the review.) Here are a few nuggets:
The P Synch package performs the single sign-on component of identity management. The ID Synch package is primarily a web-based package that uses SSL for protecting the data during transmission. that is just wrong info.
The web-based configuration of the M-Tech product suites felt intuitive and easy to understand. For example, each of the major headings in the menus reflected commonly used terms in the field of identity management.
The PDF files are large and a more advanced search function could also help speed the reader’s search to find the correct passage.

...are you listening adobe?

Apologies for the sarcasm this morning.


Anonymous said...

They must have heard you... the siet is down "for maintenance" this morning.

Anonymous said...

It is a decent review if it was written by a 3rd grader.

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