Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Virtual Directory Whitepaper

Oracle just put out an interesting whitepaper on how to use their virtual directory product with Sharepoint. A few interesting scenarios:
  • Allow users to authenticate to SharePoint with Windows credentials but control access based on job codes maintained in a HR database (without having to sync!)
  • Allow a SharePoint workspace to be used by two different business units who each maintain their own AD domain
On another note...sharepoint has been getting a lot of attention from the identity folks, hasn't it? Microsoft was promising a new "Identity Portal" in ILM 2, until they blew their release date by A YEAR(!!). Courion's been marketing their solution for Sharepoint as well, which is basically an attestation/segregation of duties play. Bitkoo has their fine grained authorization management stuff for Sharepoint.

I wonder why the trend? Hmmm....
Well, here's a billion reasons.


Matt Pollicove said...

SharePoint aside, this is a classic use of Virtual Directories. It's important to realize that the big three Virtual Directories (Radiant Logic, Oracle, SAP) are all designed for easy consolidation of repositories for search and authentication.

I realize you're referring to the large business opportunity with SharePoint, but I would submit that there is a larger opportunity out there for all portals, ERP and enterprise apps in this part of Identity Management.

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