Friday, September 15, 2006

Jamie Lewis' Keynote at DIDW and IdM Services

Phil Windley has a pretty lengthy post recapping Jamie Lewis' keynote at DIDW this year. He has some pics of some of Jamie's slides as well. (I always enjoy Jamie's 'status of the market' type slides...take a look at this one.) The interesting part was the claim that the market is moving from suites to services. I'm not sure I sense that in the market at all. Being on the floor, I haven't seen many - if any - IdM services being deployed. I have seen tons of traditional suite-type implementations. Each vendor is, of course, pushing hard to have their stack to be adopted and implemented, and usually with some level of success. Phil wraps this point up well (emphasis mine):

When we get to the point where there are services we can reuse, then we will see progress. There’s reason for hope. Emerging frameworks, like CardSpace, OSIS, Higgins, and Bandit promise to create an access layer.

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