Friday, September 15, 2006

More on IdM's Biz Prowess

Just read this article by John Oltsik, who is Sr. Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group - who attended DIDW this past week and gives a series of points why Idenity "finally made it." Point 2 states:

Projects are getting bigger. When identity and access management tools were deployed in the past it was generally on a tactical basis to address IT operations challenges. Suddenly, projects have a more business and enterprise focus. I attribute the change to compliance on the one hand and the externalization of IT on the other. This means that customers are looking at large identity deployments, big investments, and professional services. There's gold in them thar identity hills.

Another nod to the maturation of IdM in the business world...although I don't agree with the "sudden" business and enterprise focus. It took alot of DIDW and Burton Group conferences to get here. There are many indicators that there is a market for business consulting services for identity projects. All we need now is new acronym for this "new" field...


Another interesting quote... I'm starting to collect the "as a a a CXO..." quotes about identity:

“As a CIO, I strive to ensure productive, secure, cost effective solutions that help our users realize their potential. Identity and Access Management is the foundation for any solution that I provide to our users.” - Ron Markezich, CIO, Microsoft

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