Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On Garter's Provisioning Report, Notes and Inquiries

Gartner's User Provisioning report came out a few weeks back. I had a few questions/thoughts about it.

The first is the notable addition of Novell and Courion to the leaders quadrant. Courion's addition is especially interesting, as its now the only boutique in the leaders' quadrant, which says alot about their product and market presence. The fact that they could play with the big boys is notable, and I've seen alot of clients asking more about their products lately.

The second point is more of a question. When speaking of Sun, they that Sun "...also has a strategic commitment to open source, with open-source versions of its user-provisioning software...". Is that true? I haven't heard of it. I did blog previously about openptk, but as I mentioned - that's not an open source version of Sun's provisioning application, but rather a toolkit. So what's the deal? Am I missing something or did the folks at Gartner goof?


kapil DOT gupta AT gmail DOT com said...

I also agree with you that openptk is not a complete provisioning solution but it is a toolkit which helps achieving the goal to some extent. It has some basic operations but still missing some of the crucial parts like enable and disable the account. I posted comments about these functionalities on there forum and they are going to work on them.

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