Friday, September 07, 2007

Open Source Provisioning - VELO!

Earlier this week, Jim Yang and the open-source IdM folks at Safehaus released Velo, an open source provisioning solution. These are the same guys who developed Penrose, an open source virtual directory product.
So as for all those asking for an open source solution in the provisioning space, here it is! And unlike other projects that make claims but nowhere to download and play, Velo is readily downloadable at sourceforge.
Very very cool beans.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I just had one of our guys download and test Velo. He had mentioned that the docs were poor, and he had to figure out a few things to get it up. As users of open source, it occurred to me after reading this that we should have submitted a doc patch to update the installation instructions. One little step at a time is how open source works, no? I'll get him on that.

Anyway, it is cool to have Velo. I know we are watching it.

Dustin Puryear
Author, "Best Practices for Managing Linux and UNIX Servers"

kapil DOT gupta AT gmail DOT com said...

I agree that lot of open source projects are coming now a days and because they don;t want to be left in the market they don;t concentrate on documentation.

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Asaf said...


The truth is that we are working very hard on the documentation part of Velo, as we see it extremely essential. it is really just a matter of time :)


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