Friday, September 19, 2008

Managed Identity Services - OOOH, A SURVEY!

Ian's done it again. I've come to admire his style of blogging-outside-of-the-box.
Over the past months, a number of bloggers have commented on the notion of managed services in the world of identity management, and speculations around customer attitudes towards it due to security/privacy concerns, as well as from a process perspective. Ian decided to cut through all of the speculation, and put together a survey on managed identity services aimed towards clients, in order to capture a sampling of actual client feedback. Brilliant.
I immediately saw the value in this, and decided to reach out to Ian in order to see how Identropy could help out. Ultimately, we decided that a simple giveaway might spur user participation, but agreed on keeping the marketing mumbo jumbo to a minimum at the same time. This is about getting clients involved in our discussions, reporting on the findings and hopefully initiating more practical conversations around the topic in the community. I'm very excited about working with Ian, and he has turned out a very well put together survey.

A last note: This survey is geared towards actual customers rather than vendors or integrators. If you are in touch with customers who have an identity infrastructure in place, please forward them this link ( ) if they want to participate. They do NOT have to provide any personal information if they do not want to. Our only interest is assessing attitudes out in the marketplace towards this notion, and the wider the participation, the better the data Ian gets to report on.

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