Monday, April 17, 2006

Federation and 'How we got here'

Eric Norlin has a wonderfully concise post in regards to how we got where we are today in terms of federated identity. I know its a bit dated (as far as IdM technology discussions go) - it was seemingly written as a result of confusions that arose as a result of Higgins being released.
Note: under the heading 'SAML', when he refers to 'web access management' tools - he is referring to tools like cleartrust, siteminder, tivoli access manager, etc.
i think its important to appreciate those tools are really what paved the way for what we have today in terms of federation standards and such. Well, that and a little prodding. Nonetheless, the article gives great context to alot of discussions today regarding attention data, user-centric identity, and stuff like that.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Thisi is an interesting article featuring some of Sun's endeavors in the regions. The first line in the article states: "Sun Microsystems Middle East and Africa (MENA) has identified identity management as one of the three most significant issues facing IT management in the GCC in 2006."

The main driver seems to be coming from the push of some of these nations to make a national ID card system. Although the legal validity of these systems is heavily contested in Europe and America due to privacy infringement, the Middle East typically doesn't seem to having that problem (it's not like their actually asking for permission from anyone). The following quote is from Sun's Sales manager, Jamie Bliss:

“As GCC governments consider creating national identity card schemes and businesses in the region stand to lose considerable amounts of money if information or assets fall into the wrong hands, an increasing number of regional organisations are making a centralised, self-service-enabled and affordable identity management solution a top priority in 2006."

Dubai has already deployed such a system. This looks like an area that the Middle East will gain considerable experience in over the next 2-3 years, over their counterparts in western countries.

Here is another article on the same subject, which states:
"Sun will be meeting with regional IT heads at a security summits in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar this week to highlight the need for a federated or uniform approach to both physical and IT security. "
"The Sun identity management seminars will take place in Riyadh on April 9 and Doha on April 10. "