Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stephen Colbert, Identity and User 16006693

Stephen Colbert had a hilarious piece on tonight's Colbert Report regarding protecting identity while searching (he suggests typing with your weaker hand, to disguise your typing patterns), in response to the AOL debacle (if you haven't heard, they released about 3 months of search histories comprising of some 20 million searches...but don't worry, they replaced people's usernames with random numbers...so we are safe, right?)
Not exactly. Paul Boutin used splunkd.com to parse the heck out of the data - and arrived at seven patterns of searchers. According to him, according to the data - people fall into one of seven searcher categories: the pornhound, the manhunter (looks up a persons name again and again), the shopper, the obsessive (the person who searches for the same thing incessantly), the omnivore (the person who searches like crazy, and doesn't really have a pattern), the newbie and the basketcase.

The most interesting way that I found to look at the data is to pick out a specific user. It's damn interesting, comical, and scary as to how much insight you might get. Take a look at User 16006693 go from politics, to retirement, to politics, to religion, to sex, quickly back to religion (repent!), to food and finally to heartburn. Classic.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Open Source IdM Implementation

Kepak, a European Food Giant (well, 2000 folks doesn't qualify as a giant, does it?) has asked the Open Source gurus at Sirius Corporation to deploy "...an OpenLDAP-based Identity Management solution...".

The article doesn't mention which vendors were selected, although they do describe it as "...a secure, standards-based platform that will authenticate Windows users to all network services."

Who could they have selected? Don't know, but its probably somewhere in this Identity Management Open Source map put together by Jim Yang and the folks at Identyx. I love this thing. I wish someone would put together another one for vendors outside the open source space...any takers?

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