Sunday, August 22, 2010

Regarding a Potential Way Forward for SPML

Some of you might have followed the conversation in the blogosphere regarding SPML a few months back. If interested, get up to speed by reading the posts below:

- Mark Diodati, Burton Group: SPML Is On Life Support
- Ingrid Melve, Feide:
Provisioning, Will SPML emerge?
- Nishant Kaushik:
Oracle: SPML Under The Spotlight Again?
- Jeff Bohren, Identity guru:
Whither SPML or Wither SPML?
- Jackson Shaw, Quest: SPML - Not Dead Yet!

Last month, I had the opportunity to join a discussion with some really smart folks regarding the future of the SPML standard at the SPML SIG (Special Interest Group) at the Burton Group in San Diego. Anyhow, Mark Diodati led the session and recently published some of the conversation points discussed at the SIG. Take a look here.