Saturday, July 28, 2007

Open Source Provisioning!!!...toolkit

I've been having a few conversations with colleagues about the absence of an open source solution for automated provisioning (keep an eye out here...something cool to come out soon), and then today, I made my way to the openptk website.

Now, I know that these guys don't have an actual provisioning solution, but rather a toolkit of APIs, web services, HTML taglibs, etc. that plug into existing provisioning solutions. Unfortunately, there isn't alot of info on their site, but its absolutely intriguing. Affiliations aren't hidden - all three contributors are Sun employees, and their site clearly says: "The architecture supports several pluggable back-end services including Sun's Identity Manager, Sun's Access Manager and LDAPv3."...but theoretically, this could plug into any provisioning solution, or am I being too optimistic?


tsigle said...

Ash, Thanks for the re-affirming our direction with this project. As you said, there is limited information, however we hope to be updating soon with more info. Just working out the details.

Terry Sigle

Ashraf Motiwala said...

Looking forward to it ...

Mark Dixon said...


Thanks for visiting my blog today. It was good to connect with you. I see that you have already connected with Terry Sigle relative to OpenPTK. You might enjoy seeing my blog about OpenPTK:



Unknown said...


You would probably want to check Service&Identity provisioning open source project at SourceForge ( This provisioning engine was first conceived as a telecommunication network provisioning solution and now is transitioning to a telecomm+IT solution. Thus it will not only interact with Telco's network elements but it will also interact with IT department's directory services and the like.

/Gonzalo Espert.-

tsigle said...


We released OpenPTK, version 1.0, this week. You can checkout my blog entry from this morning for more info:

kapil DOT gupta AT gmail DOT com said...

I have posted one article related to cross product integration using the SPML/SAML protocols.

Visit the article at and let me know your thoughts.

rehanzafar said...

Hi. just wanted to share a new open source identity management and provisioning application. pretty cool!

Unknown said...