Tuesday, January 03, 2006

MIIS Deployments vs. Software Development (Part 3)

Both MIIS Deployments and Software Dev are iterative processes focusing on client satisfaction. Well, most (if not all) consulting work is client-centric, but MIIS and Software dev are from another perspective.

They both have a specific end product that the client will (typically) know right away if he/she is satisfied or not. For example, a client uses a web app aimed at managing site content will know right away if the site suits their needs. After a day or two of use, client satisfaction will become obviously clear to the consultant. There will either be praise or blame. The same goes for MIIS deployments. If users are not being appropriately provisioned, there will be complaints. Usually, the day after going live. :)

So, there is, yet another, similarity between MIIS and Software dev.

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